New Planning Rules To Revitalise Existing Buildings

Existing buildings can now be made better use of with the introduction of a new ‘town centre first’ planning rule. Planning Minister Nick Boles states that this will cut unnecessary paper work to enable underused and empty buildings in our high streets and rural towns to make it easier to revitalise UK existing dwellings.

The scheme will also allow agricultural buildings or empty dwellings that are not in the prime areas, to be transformed into the demand for new homes, free schools and nursery groups, by local people and businesses.

This will encourage owners to revitalise empty dwellings which do not have much of a future in the existing market which will lead to the reduction of unnecessary development.

With the extension of these permitted development rights empty dwellings and underused properties on the outskirts of towns will now encourage people to move closer to the centre of town to develop new homes, free schools and nurseries. This will bring about a much needed boost to local shops and businesses.

·         Commercial properties and agricultural dwellings could be used for much needed schools and nurseries enticing local people to live near their rural community.

·         Agricultural dwellings could also be developed into affordable homes which will protect further new developments on the countryside.

·         Retail and commercial properties would be ideal to keep banks and building societies in the centre of the high street, which could also encourage commercial properties developed into residential.

Surrounding greenbelts and the country side will therefore be protected with the introduction of extension permitted development rights. Using this new scheme redeveloped land and empty dwellings will be used more efficiently which will encourage a speedy recovery to economic growth.

With the introduction of these new planning rules you now have the option to consider improving your existing properties. If you require any assistance on upgrading your properties and dwellings contact us on 02890 692 444 for all your home design needs.