Garage Conversion To Living Space

Do you have a garage that has spiralled out of control for storing unwanted items? Why not take the opportunity to free this space of clutter and convert your garage into a functional living space?

A garage that adjoins a home will usually have a door that will have access to your house which will make this type of conversion relatively straight forward with minimum disruption to your living quarters. This type of conversion would be ideal for a spare bedroom, maybe with en suite, or if you would prefer an extended kitchen or dining room.

It is now quite popular for people to work from their home, therefore it is just as feasible to convert a non adjoining garage into a home office which is separated from distractions in the household. This solution will have your work place neighbouring your home with the benefit of no traffic and help with fuel expenses.

If you require any assistance with converting your garage into usable space and be in compliance with the local authorities contact us on 02890 692 444 for all your home design needs.