Concern Over Student Accommodation Standards

Head of universities call for student Housing Standards to be improved. Prevent students from being ‘sub-species’

In recent years it has became known that students live in sometimes-inhabitable conditions. Recently, designers and head of universities have taken a keen interest into the living standards of student accommodation. This call is in the hope that student accommodation will get up to speed with that of normal residential buildings.

In the majority of student rooms, there would in fact be an extremely low day light levels, a day light measure of only 10%.

According to planning and building control, because ‘it’s for students’ the standards could be relaxed. It’s been commented on that the reasoning was because “its main function would be for sleeping, and due to intense daily activities in schools/universities the standards could be relaxed significantly… should this be allowed?

Student housing would fall under the guidelines of HMO’s which is housing for multiple occupation.

Student housing typically comes under “residential other” for

Part B (Fire Regs) but you could argue for hotel standards under

Part E (Acoustics)

There is also the ability for developers to argue to put in place slightly smaller rooms into the HMO’s if there are other social areas put in place.

I’m sure no parent or guardian would argue with the building designers for their concern, standards for student accommodation should be of higher standards and should be classed as residential and not residential other.

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