Code For Sustainable Homes May be Scrapped?

We at Contour do occasionally get asked for some sustainable design features, which we agree with and the principles of green building do appeal to some but not all. 

The code in which sustainable homes are built may well be phased out in the future as part of the governments consultation on housing standards, which was unveiled on the 21st of August. However as expected the UK Green Building Council accused the government of the lack of ‘vision’ and that they would be in fact throwing away a significant amount of hard work and research that has been put in the recent years.

With the possibility of the sustainable homes code being scrapped we risk losing a momentum that has been transformed in the past 7 years.

The government claims its plan is to take a bureaucratic handbrake that holds back house building, but this will however be a danger of letting key sustainability considerations roll away completely. The demise of the code is apparently ‘inevitable’ and the requirements of the code need to be taken forward into regulation they say.